Elementary Summer Learning Opportunities

Dear Parents, With summer break fast approaching, I wanted to share with you some of the resources we have available to students to help avoid the “summer lag”. Summer lag is when students may lose some of the skills they have acquired throughout the school year. With all of the hard work your child(ren) and teachers have done, we definitely do not want this to happen! Please see below for important information on ways to keep your child educationally active this summer! 

READING!!! It is SO important your child continues to practice their reading skills. Especially if they are in the foundational years where they are learning the basics of how to read. For students in grades K-2, these years are when children learn to decode words, learn site words, and learn how to have good reading fluency. In grades 3-6 students are reading for comprehension and how to use context clues and the various skills/concepts students need most.

 ● At NCS, I have contacted Renaissance who facilitates our Accelerated Reading program. They partner with MyON, which offers a free summer reading online program! Each student uses the same login/password to have access to over 6,500 books online! Web site URL: Student username: myon Student password: books

 ● Into the Book: practice reading strategies

 ● Highlights for Kids: 

● Starfall: 

● Storyline Online:

MATH!!! Learning basic math facts aid students in the future years for when they tackle much more complex math problems. The following sites are offered to students to help them retain their math knowledge over the summer months.

 ● Prodigy:

● Game Aquarium: 

● Khan Academy: 

● Hooda Math: 

● PRACTICE BOOKS Each summer we offer information from the company which sells us the Simple Solutions books. They have a series called “Summer Solutions”. Please see the attached flyer for more information on the summer solutions products. 

● TUTORING We have a list of teachers who are willing to tutor this summer. If you are interested in acquiring this list, please email Mrs. Livengood in the office for more information. ( 

We look forward to having your child back in August! Have a safe and relaxing summer break and God bless!

Thank you, Mrs. Englert, M.Ed. Elementary Principal

Simple Solutions information flyer:

The Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program Camp BOOK IT! will run June-August, 2021 and is open to PreK-6th grade students (ages 4-12). Set reading goals, have fun and reward your students for their summer reading with free pizza! Enrollment is now open for Camp BOOK IT! 2021. Enroll your children now to help fight the summer slide.